June 16, 2018

Our PREDICT study is live!

We have just welcomed the first 12 participants in our PREDICT Clinical study which aims to predict personalised food responses based on individual characteristics, like the bacteria in your gut. The participants spent their first day at St Thomas’ Hospital where they ate standardised meals, provided biological samples and did a number of examinations, always under the warm care of our PREDICT Clinical team. They also received training from our PREDICT Nutrition team to help them to complete the remainder of the study at home over the following 13 days.

Most of the participants are now one week into the home-phase of the study and are equipped with novel sensors and equipment that can measure a number of biological and other markers. Furthermore, participants have been logging all of their meals using our app which will hopefully allow us to better understand their unique responses to all kinds of different foods that they eat each day. The participants have all been doing an amazing job thus far!

As the weeks continue we can’t wait to welcome more participants on board! We are commencing the first phase of the study with Twin participants only and we will open participation to non-Twins in the next few months — so stay tuned but please be aware that spaces are very limited and as a result you may be able to only participate in the early version of our commercial product, which we hope will be as exciting!